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Experiences, Not Just Vacations.

Budget and Bougie Travel is a group travel company focused on global experiences for women of color.

We provide curated experiences that suit your travel needs from BUDGET to BOUGIE by offering packages that are low-cost or luxury at each travel destination.


Our model of travel considers our impact as we move around the world, centering traveling with respect for the land and people of our destinations. If you are looking for a supportive, fun, and intentional group to travel with, welcome!

We can't wait to travel with you.

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Favorite travel memory:

Traveling has always been important; however, I always believed it wasn’t always in my budget. As a single mother, I wanted my son to experience different cultures, food, and experiences. My tight budget at that time didn’t allow it as frequently as I would have liked. I decided I would start yearly mother-son trips for us so I had ample time to save and prepare. One of my fondest travel memories was a weeklong trip to Washington DC. This trip took place during the height of the Groupon era. I planned and researched for months to find budget-friendly attractions, hotels, and transportation on Groupon. Every day I would check Groupon and find exciting restaurants that we could try for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also learned during my research that the majority of the Smithsonian museums had free admission, much to my delight. I found a great hotel that provided complimentary breakfast and was very close to a Metro station. Every day we had a blast sightseeing, visiting different museums, and trying fantastic food at deeply discounted rates thanks to the Groupons I had secured. To this day, that is one of our favorite vacation memories! My passion is finding bougie travel on a budget. I am a firm believer that travel can be accessible for everyone at any budget!



Favorite travel memory:

Most of my travel adventures have been solo, which means often needing to be hypervigilant so there have definitely been times that I was nervous navigating different countries. My favorite memory, however, was my first night in Marrakech, Morocco. I had one of the most nerve-wracking experiences trying to find my accommodations in the winding alleys of the Medina. After settling in, I took a walk to find somewhere to eat dinner and stumbled upon this traditional restaurant with a terrace. I will never forget the moment I sat down and looked over the balcony to see one of the most beautiful sunsets Ive ever seen over the skyline of Marrakech. It was a moment that confirmed that I made it... to where I needed to be that evening as well as where I wanted to be in life! I cried while eating the most delicious tagine Ive ever had that night lol. Since then, I have been committed (read: addicted) to finding the most memorable experiences of my life all around the world. I'm a fan of living in the moment, being present, and splurging on the once-in-a-lifetime experiences. While traveling solo can be full of adventure, I look forward to sharing more of these moments with a community!

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